About Us

CityScapes NYC is honored to represent reputable manufacturers with a cost-effective, customer-centric approach who also demonstrate strong awareness of their environmental responsibilities. All share CityScapes NYC passion for providing creative, inspirational and innovative design solutions to our commercial clients.

CityScapes NYC mission is to develop partnerships of trust, good communication and loyalty with each of our customers. Together with the manufacturers we represent, our commitment is to deliver outstanding service propelled by the design needs of our clients. We look forward to helping you achieve your desired results with a focus on sustainability, on time and within budget, all without compromising aesthetic integrity.

Whether your project is public, private or GSA, we are eager to offer both custom-designed applications and standard product solutions that make sense.

By working with you to exceed the constantly evolving expectations of clients, we aim to help you create professional settings that will enable them, and you, to fly just that little bit higher.

We invite you to visit our Product Collections tab, where you can explore our manufacturers’ offerings in depth via the links to their individual websites.